Cover Story: Our favorite Atlantans to follow on Twitter

#StaffPix from Besha Rodell, Rodney Carmichael and Bobby Feingold

@senorbobby’s must follows

Image @mayorofponce
A one-time CL nightlife writer, J. Winter snarkily tweets about Atlanta’s charming oddities.
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Image @dyanabagby
The deputy editor of the GA Voice tweets LGBT news with plenty of her own photos.
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Image @hipstergardener
With restaurant experience including Empire State South, this urban agriculture enthusiast will get you excited about gardening.
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@besharodell’s Must Follows

Image @andishehnouraee
Former CL columnist & Americapedia author offers insight and wit on everything from Iran’s nuclear crisis to Justin Bieber’s new hairdo.
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Image @lancegummere
A lot of chefs tweet more than Lance (Shed at Glenwood), but his mix of honest cheffy personality and smart fuck-it-all humor makes me happy.
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Image @whatnowatlanta
Restaurant and retail news and gossip. Of all the ATL upstart bloggers to attempt this, Caleb is doing the best job. He’s gonna go far.
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@rappin_rodney’s Must Follows

Image @Freshalina
The queen of black celeb fuckery and #ghettowratchedness dishes it daily. Much like her blog, @freshalina’s tweets are crunk and disorderly.
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Image @BigBoi
Extroverted half of OutKast takes 2 Twitter like catfish 2 cornmeal, whether tweeting live from the studio or a Troy Davis rally. #weoutchea
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Image @StereoWilliams
His sarcastic rants on music, relationships, pop culture, and politics fuel Twitter beefs that often amount 2 more followers lost than found.
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