See & Do - Visual Art: My Life as a Rat: Part 2 September 19 2007

Sun., Sept. 23

Tucked into an obscure nook of 14th Street architecturally dominated by the symbols of “What Atlanta Is” (the Al-Farooq Masjid mega-mosque, Atlantic Station) the Kool Korner Gallery features a show dedicated to “What Atlanta Was.” In MY LIFE AS A RAT: PART 2, Clark Brown’s photographs (pictured) document the eccentric pack of artists, musicians and sundry bohos who hung out at the Blue Rat Gallery from 1983-1987. A kind of pre-Eyedrum artist-run space that Brown says “never got one bloody cent from anyone.” Blue Rat featured poetry, dance, art and bands such as drivin n cryin, the Nightporters and Arms Akimbo. The boys from R.E.M. even stopped by for a visit before hitting the big time. Brown’s photos, on view Sat.-Sun., SEPT. 22-23, document the quintessentially ’80s aesthetic of mohawks, Siouxsie eye makeup, big hair, vintage-meets-punk and an atmosphere of scruffy, unpretentious fun. Free. 1-4 p.m. 341-A 14th St. 404-875-6444. www.myspace.com/clarkbluerat.