Mouthful - Cupcakes

Belly General Store

A general store smack-dab in the middle of Va-Hi? Sure enough. These folks can be credited with stirring up major cupcake buzz when they opened two years ago. The best-known cupcake is the peanut butter and jelly, a kid-friendly concoction of yellow cake filled with blueberry jam and topped with peanut butter frosting. 772 N. Highland Ave. 404-872-1003. www.bellystore.com.

Henri's Bakery

Henri's has been a Buckhead mainstay for decades and sells the ultimate nostalgia cupcake. You remember, the one from your best friend's birthday party in the second grade? The one with the spongy yellow cake and icing so sweet it made your teeth hurt? Don't forget the plastic ballerina stuck in on top, from which you licked every last swirl of fluffy white frosting. 61 Irby Ave. 404-237-0202. www.henrisbakery.com.

Star Provisions

Star Provisions puts as much time, energy and creativity into its cupcakes as it does the rest of its whimsical, foodie-fantasy inventory. Imagine, if you will, a gourmet cupcake: a miniature work of art in yellow cake and cream cheese frosting. It's almost too pretty to eat. And when you do, you realize that you've never tasted a cupcake quite like this. It's rich and buttery, but just barely sweet. This is a cupcake for grown-ups. 1198 Howell Mill Road. 404-365-0410. www.starprovisions.com.

West Egg Cafe

These are the cupcakes your grandma used to make, except cooler. You'd expect no less from West Egg, a quirky, stylish West Side sandwich shop. You know you're in the South when even the cupcakes come flavored with Coca-Cola. Old-fashioned red velvet cupcakes are another house specialty, but plan on beating the lunch rush if you want to snag one. They sell out quickly. 1168-A Howell Mill Road. 404-872-3973. www.westeggcafe.com.

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