Mouthful - Tacos (2)

El Taco Veloz

If you're looking for baby-mild tacos or chichi surroundings, turn the car around and head right back to Midtown. El Taco Veloz serves up the real deal, albeit in dingy surroundings. A better beef tongue taco would be nearly impossible to find, as would be tracking down a creamier, more satisfying bean burrito. 5084 Buford Highway, Doraville. 770-936-9094.

La Feria

Opened by the folks who own Marisqueria 7 Mares, La Feria is located in an old Denny's near the inception of Buford Highway. Look for the Pink Pony. You're there. Ask for corn tortillas with which to make your own tacos from beef or lamb barbacoa, grilled marinated chicken or, if you're feeling "Fear Factor"-level adventurous, bull's testicles. 1860 Corporate Blvd., 404-728-0830.

Taqueria La OaxaqueÑa

Should you (God forbid) ever tire of TLO's house specialty, the marvelously messy tlayuda, dig into this cozy spot's tacos. Favorites include the robust taco filled with tangy goat meat and a fluffy tuft of cilantro. But really, any meat wrapped in the restaurant's fragrant, homemade tortillas is worth some serious face stuffing. 6738 Tara Blvd., Jonesboro. 770-960-3010.

Taqueria Los Rayos

Grouped with neighborhood standbys Canton House and Penang, Taqueria Los Rayos becomes one of a perfect series of stops in Buford Highway 101. If you're hunting for a signature dish, try the pork al Pastor-style taco. Marinated in citrus and chile and then cooked on a large rotisserie spit, tangy chunks of pork are folded (as are all Los Rayos tacos) into a steamed corn tortilla and served with house salsa, lime segments and seared petals of onion. 3290 W. Hospital Ave., Chamblee. 770-936-9278.

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