Mouthful - Frozen yogurt

Jujubee's: Jujubee’s keeps it simple by offering a few flavors of its Italian-style frozen yogurt along with all the usual toppings. The pomegranate, a usual suspect at modern frozen yogurt establishments, is tart and tasty. But the chocolate is so full-flavored and rich, you may forget you're eating something low-fat. Instead of contending with rogue sprinkles and chocolate chips, the counter folks smartly secure the toppings with another thin layer of frozen yogurt, and they'll even let you mix up the flavors in the layers. 4279 Roswell Road. 404-303-0024.  Yoforia: Bright green walls and a peppy staff greet you as you walk in the door of this local chain. The frozen yogurt is made with organic milk, organic yogurt, purified water and healthy live cultures. Unlike some of its competitors, Yoforia’s nonfat sweet treat actually tastes like yogurt, not fake ice cream. The fruity flavors are the best of the bunch. The mango tastes like a cross between puckery mango and passion fruit. The portions are huge and the toppings are pristine — no withered looking pineapple or mushy kiwi here. 1402 N. Highland Ave., 404-685-3747; and other metro Atlanta locations. ===www.yoforia.com===Yogurberry: This global yogurt chain has caused quite the stir among fro-yo freaks in Atlanta. The tangy, nonfat yogurt only has 25 calories per ounce and is sweetened with fruit sugar. No nasty artificial sweeteners here, and it's made on-site with sustainable products. Asian-inspired flavors such as taro and green tea pair beautifully with the multitude of toppings. Yogurberry is in the Terminus building, which means you'll have to park in the parking deck, but the shop validates parking. 3280 Peachtree Road. 404-869-9788. ===www.yogurberry.com===.

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