Redeye December 18 2003

A reason not to MOVE to Massachusetts: Progressive politics, civil unions — who cares? We're talking booze. Nestled in a corner of the chrome-gilded circuit club blÜ at Spring and 10th, WETbar (serving liquor) has opened after what feels like years. While "breeders" zoom past to The Cheetah only a block south, cut clubbers and buzzing fruit-flies brave biting winds to unwind. Marked by a cascading water wall, WETbar's exterior entrance is gratis, though the conjoined blÜ, which remains 21-plus though alcohol-free, still charges upward of $15-$20.

Entering places you along a candle-pocked concrete-block wall. To the rear, a bowed banquet, backed by a beaded curtain, is cast in cycling hues from overhead ropes of lights. Windows lining the room's remaining two walls are given a gauzy treatment; the bar forms a central square.

While the decor at WETbar is nothing groundbreaking, it is a tasteful contemporary space with friendly service — and a fine addition to Midtown.

Disco duck!: That's what you yell when you notice swagger turn to stagger as someone hurls in a public place — say, directly facing the Disco Diner, as one classy lassie did Saturday, Dec. 13. Why Disco Diner? Guess by 3 a.m., we'd been excessively "clubbed" about the head. Regardless, here's the dining experience:

As Donna Summers, Diana Ross, KISS and John Travolta (among others) look on from the yellowing album covers rimming the room, the bleary-eyed ingest grease to a thumping groove. Dappled by a disco ball's pinpoint reflections, patrons pick at omelets and hash browns that are really no worse than average — though the menu does lack Waffle House's wealth of options.

You'll no longer see a constant cavalcade of queens ascending tabletops to manically mime. But you can still find the kings of "Club D," as a chatty regular explained as we weaved through a mountain of carbs.

Have what it takes to be a midnight mayor? Then grab a seat, turn to your neighbor, and serve up a platter of patter and a side of sass.

Shout, shout ... Let it all out: The Riviera (rat) packed 'em in Friday, Dec. 12, celebrating its four-year anniversary with almost 12 hours of DJed entertainment featuring a who's who of some of the finest local selectahs. Congratulations on a merry marathon. On Thursday, Dec. 11, Eleven50 hosted the annual __Miracle on Peachtree, collecting toys and canned goods for the underprivileged. It was a chance to support a good cause — and check out the new permanent sound system and off-angle oval of a DJ crow's nest overlooking the rear gallery. Sounding good.

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