Redeye - Things that make you say YEAH! December 09 2004

If the first week in December was anything, it was a week to "get crunk," "get low" and "get back." On Dec. 1 at the Tabernacle, MTV held a "$2 Bill" concert with Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz to celebrate the release of Crunk Juice.

Then, on Dec. 2, a release party was held for Ludacris to celebrate his latest, The Red Light District. The partying powers that be refitted an empty warehouse in Puritan Mill with a big old set, concert stage and bar, and the Remy Red and rose sure did flow under red lights. One of the first things you saw was a replica of Amsterdam's famous penis fountain. Then you bore witness to a gauntlet of grinding girls in faux windows, where stars paused for photo ops. Among the names enjoying Ludacris' red-lit soiree were David Banner, Sleepy Brown, Evander Holyfield, Pastor Troy, Jermaine Dupri, Dallas Austin and Jazze Pha. The musical backdrop to all this horniness was provided by DJ Kid Capri, who pulled banger after banger from his arsenal of club jams.

But even though the celebs were out in force, there were probably more eyes on the party's bevy of booty girls. With panties pulled tight against their ample entertainments, these young women, at least 30 strong, made their way between the main showcase space, with its multicolor, multipaneled dancefloor, and the appointed table dance annex. There were also girls wearing Brazilian-style headdresses dotting the perimeter of the room.

But things got freakier still. Porn played on some video screens throughout the room, and on other monitors, there was an interactive setup where guys, standing in front of green screens, could put themselves in a video with a wildly gyrating pole dancer. So guys could freely — and, well, virtually — slap all the ass they wanted without anyone getting sore, thrown out or arrested. A spankin' good time.A report from the field (of vision)

It certainly was an (UN)Silent Night during the last, extended hour of bidding held at Eyedrum's annual fundraiser Dec. 4. A few major collectors mixed mediums with Eyedrum's stable of members and underground supporters to help the collective add 3,000 square feet, which will likely be used to give music — everything from bleeps and blips to harpsichord flicks — and visual art separate homes. The quality and variety of artwork matched the masses in attendance, easily a couple hundred folks. From classy senior couples who are "longtime friends of Eyedrum" to high school student volunteers to sexy significant others who looked like they'd be down for another, the place seems to be breaking out of "in the know" and headed for "now you know." — T. LaGon

Ghost(s) of Christmas yet to come

It's the time of year for chilling out to heat up, and between the holiday and office parties, Atlanta's got some things to look forward to. For fans of cognac, the XO Bar has opened, along with its host, the InterContinental Hotel Buckhead. That's some sumptuous sipping we'll explore in the near future. And come Dec. 16, we'll take a peek at Sultra Lounge, a new "ultra lounge" opening in the former Crescent Room space. Won't this column be dressed to impress.Keep one RedEye open. And send all comments, questions, observations and invitations to redeye@creativeloafing.com.