Profile - Anthony ‘Mayhem’ Rotella

Anthony Rotella, aka Mayhem, 23, may not have decades of experience behind him, but you wouldn’t know it stepping into Transit, the biweekly drum and bass event he holds down at the Mark, or checking out his website, His motivation? Genuine love for the sound, the scene — and a new family addition., a website “for all things Atlanta drum and bass,” is celebrating its three-year anniversary. In addition to the busy forum, “We have an audio section which has pretty much every single tune that’s ever been released by an Atlanta drum and bass artist.”

Later this month, Mayhem’s latest collaboration with Nosia from Holland will be released on legendary DJ Andy C’s Ram Records label. “You don’t really get bigger than Andy C ... so it’s something really special for me.”

But the most important part of Mayhem’s life now is his son, Anthony Giovanni, born just two-and-a-half-months ago.

Mayhem says that having a son encourages him to go out and do different things like playing at the Sundance Film Festival this month, along with Evol Intent and Dieselboy. Or adding to the action with “Broken Swords,” an Evol Intent collab for Xbox 360’s Need for Speed: Most Wanted. The track will be released on vinyl by February.

While he won’t force Giovanni in any particular direction, “I think he’ll be artistically inclined just because I produce and DJ and stuff, and my girlfriend, she paints, she’s an artist. Hopefully he’ll be inspired in some shape or form to do artistic things.”

On Thurs. Jan. 19, Transit hosts Infiltrata from L.A., along with Mayhem, Deco and Section 8. Coming up Feb. 2 is Black Sun Empire, who packed the house this time last year. “That was definitely the big show that we had last year. I’m hoping it will be along those lines again.”