Chef's Table - Wake up and smell his coffee

Atlanta Coffee Supply Group, founded by Jonathan Silver in 1995, sells daily hand-roasted beans under the Lakehouse Coffee brand to some of the city's finest restaurants.

Who are some of your clients?

All of the Houston's, Aria, Bone's, Food 101, the Globe, Pura Vida, High Cotton, Sotto Sotto, Atkins Park, Restaurant Eugene, Vickery's, Willie Rae's, Mix. And we cover a lot of the Southeast. When chefs move to other states, they bring us with them when they open a new restaurant.

How many types of coffee do you sell?

We offer nine blends. There's an element of art to blending beans with specific nuances to get the particular flavor profile and taste you are looking for. It's like making wine.

What's the most popular?

One of my favorites is Chef's Blend — not the darkest and not the lightest roast. Rising Moon is a dark roasted coffee that's becoming more popular. It's great with food — a hearty cup of coffee, although not as complex as Chef's Blend. We just created a blend for Gary Mennie's new restaurant, Taurus.

Dark coffee, like dark chocolate, is a trend.

It's finishing a meal with something that is the opposite of sweet. But it's not bitter. You don't have to burn the bean.

Does a bad cup of coffee, say at a train station, ever pass your lips?

I've been going to this meeting, a leads group, for 10 or 15 years. I've not had three cups of coffee. I don't think of myself as a coffee snob, but frankly, if I don't think the coffee is good, I'll have a Coke. What's the point?


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