Chef's Table - Take Me Out to Turner Field

Rosie D. Lewis is the manager of the Chophouse, arguably the most popular bar/restaurant venue at Turner Field. She started at the Chophouse as a server in 1997, the inaugural season of play at Turner Field.

What is the Chophouse concept?

Chophouse is a place where the fans can come and experience great food and a wonderful time. The CH has three levels. The Upper and the Top of the Chop, however, is the place to be if you want to party and have a great time. We have regular fans that come to every game just to hang out here. I tell people all the time to buy the standing-room only tickets and hang out at the CH.

Anything special about baseball fans in terms of their culinary wants?

Not really, I think the old saying still rings true: "There is nothing better than hot dogs, beer and baseball."

What are the most popular items?

Hot dogs, burgers, Philly cheese steak, quesadillas, nachos, chicken tenders and the pork sandwich.

Is dining before or after the game more popular? Can you feel a mood change if we win?

The lower CH does most its business two-and-a-half hours prior to the game. The Upper and the TOC starts jumping at game time. Of course, no one likes their team to lose, so their mood may change some — but it's our job to make sure they are still having a great time.

What famous people have you served?

OutKast, Hank Aaron, Holly Field, Ludacris and Kenny Rogers, just to name a few.

Any great stories?

The best story I can tell is that I have been here since 1997 and I have seen a lot of the same faces. We have an abundance of regular customers, and that makes it worth coming to work every day.


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