Add It Up April 20 2005

Silicone and Neuticles

Number of years, prior to the Food and Drug Administration's April 13 reversal, that silicone breast enhancements had been banned ?

Number of women who began receiving settlement money last summer for faulty silicone implants from manufacturer Dow Corning ?

Approximate number of breast implants performed in America last year

Approximate number of Neuticles, or prosthetic testicles, surgically implanted in the scrotums of neutered dogs and cats worldwide ?

Average length, in inches, of a Neuticle for a three-pound dog ?

Cost of a pair of standard Neuticles for a small dog ?

Cost of custom-fitted UltraPLUS ScarRetard Neuticles for the same dog ?

Average cost of saline and silicone breast implants, respectively, at Buckhead Plastic Surgery ?
$4,800, $6,500

Approximate number of women to get breast implants at Buckhead Plastic Surgery last year ?

Number of animals euthanized at the Fulton County pound in 2003?

Approximate cost to perform all those implants ?

Approximate cost to adopt all those animals ?

Sources: Reuters, The New York Times, www.neuticles.com, Buckhead Plastic Surgery, American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Food and Drug Administration??