Add It Up July 14 2005

Driving while distracted

Maximum fine for driving while using a hand-held cell phone, under an ordinance recently proposed by Atlanta City Councilman Jim Maddox $1,000?

umber of U.S. states and cities to ban cell phone use while driving 14?

ercent of people who admitted in a national poll to using a cell phone while driving in the past six months 43?

ercent of people polled who ate or drank nonalcoholic beverages while driving 49?

ercent of car accidents caused by cell phone use 1.5?

ercent of accidents caused by eating and drinking 1.7?

ercent of accidents caused by operating a car stereo 11.4?

umber of Atlanta City Council members, out of 10 CL contacted, who said they've talked on cell phones while driving 9?

f the 10, number of council members without a cell phone 1?

umber of council members who said they use a hands-free cell phone device 6?

umber of seconds that braking time is improved by using a hands-free device 0?

i>Sources: Mason-Dixon Polling and Research, American Automobile Association, National Safety Council, Harvard Center for Risk Analysis??