Add It Up - Growing pains

A look at the numbers

Acres of tropical rainforest lost daily: 80,000

Acres of trees lost in metro Atlanta daily: 54

Large trees planted by Trees Atlanta since 1985: 68,000

Acres of new concrete and asphalt in Atlanta each day: 28

Atlanta's population in 1980: 424,922

Atlanta's population today: 451,600

Metro areas's population in 1980: 1.8 million

Metro area's population today: 3.9 million

Percentage increase in single-family housing in metro Atlanta since 2000: 69

Gallons of gasoline saved annually because of MARTA ridership: 19.3 million

Gallons of water consumed daily in metro Atlanta: 652 million

Average yearly rainfall in Atlanta: 50 inches

Sources: Atlanta Regional Commission, MARTA, Trees Atlanta, mongabay.com