Add It Up - Hospital bleeding

A look at the numbers

Percentage of Georgia's hospitals that are losing money: 33

Number of hospitals in Georgia that have had to close since 1998: 15

Amount a coalition of advocates and citizens paid to buy out Atlanta's bankrupt Southwest Hospital: $14.7 million

Amount of uncompensated care provided by the state's hospitals in 2004: $959 million

Amount hospitals pumped into Georgia's economy that year: $30 billion

Approximate number of uninsured Georgians: 1.7 million

Percentage of people who visited Grady Memorial Hospital's emergency room without insurance in 2005: 44

Number of Georgians covered by Medicaid: 1.5 million

Amount of Medicaid cuts to hospitals because the state was ordered last year to reconfigure its formula for reimbursement: $85 million

Amount Congress will slash Medicaid payments to the poor and disabled over the next 10 years: $60 billion

Sources: Georgia Hospital Association, Atlanta Business Chronicle, Atlanta Journal-Constitution