Add It Up - Olympic proportions

Number of athletes currently competing in the Winter Olympic Games in Turin: 2,600

Number who competed in the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta: 10,318

Number of gold medals won by the U.S. in Atlanta and, so far, in Turin, respectively: 44, 7

Amount in endorsements that track runner Michael Johnson earned prior to the Atlanta Olympic Games: $1 million

Amount that skier Bode Miller earned prior to the Games in Turin: $2 million

Number of medals Johnson and Miller won in Atlanta and Turin, respectively: 2, 0

Approximate cost of the most expensive ticket to opening ceremonies in Atlanta: $636

Most expensive ticket to opening ceremonies in Turin: $1,000

Number of athletes injured at the Olympics in Atlanta: 14

Number injured so far in Turin: 11

Number of people injured in Atlanta after the Centennial Olympic Park bombing: 111

Sources: The Sun-Sentinel, International Olympic Committee,Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Palm Beach Post, the New York Times