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A look at the numbers

The estimated number of people nationwide who voted in Tuesday's midterm elections: 83 million

The number of viewers who registered votes during the Taylor Hicks-Katharine McPhee showdown last year on "American Idol": 63.5 million

The percentage of Georgia registered voters who went to the polls: 47.6

The unofficial number of people who voted in Georgia last Tuesday, according to the Secretary of State's Office: 2,081,548

The number of people who live in Georgia: 9,072,576

Actual percentage of Georgians who cast a ballot: 22.9

The amount of money raised by Gov. Sonny Perdue through October: $13 million

The number of votes received by Perdue: 1,173,324

How much Perdue spent per vote: $11.07

The amount Cathy Cox spent per vote in her failed run for governor: $25.94

The amount that Kathy Cox spent per vote in her successful re-election bid for Georgia's superintendent of schools: $5.37

The widest margin of victory in a statewide contest, recorded by Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine over challenger Guy Drexinger: 32 percent