Add It Up - We're No. what?

Atlanta's rank

Rank of downtown Atlanta's I-75 at I-85 interchange in a study of the nation's worst highway bottlenecks: 6

Atlanta's rank among the nation's 20 "most courteous" cities when it comes to road rage: 5

Atlanta's position in a 2005 list of cities with the most expensive commutes: 1

Atlanta's rank among the worst cities to bike in: 1

Atlanta's position in this year's list of the 25 cities with the worst air pollution: 7

Atlanta's rank, among the nation's 50 largest cities, when it comes to readiness to respond to a disaster: 38

Atlanta's position in a 2005 list of the 369 most crime-ridden cities in the nation: 7

Atlanta's rank in a list of 100 major metropolitan areas with the highest foreclosure rates: 2

Atlanta's rank among the nation's 10 most vegetarian-friendly large cities 5

Atlanta's rank among the nation's 104 most gay-friendly cities: 17

Atlanta's position on a list of the 40 best cities for singles: 4

Atlanta's rank among the 25 fattest cities: 23

Atlanta's position in a list of the 100 sweatiest cities in the nation: 31

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