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69 Percent Say Both Suck!

After the Nov. 3 election, two local Libertarians surveyed 165 people at Little Five Points, Georgia State and the Capitol to get reactions to a T-shirt that read "Democrats & Republicans both suck." Sixty-nine percent liked what the shirt said. Their responses, posted last week on www.thinklibertarian.com, include:

"George Washington said the same thing."??
"They both lie. They both tell stories. They're both full of bullshit."??
"Fucking awesome!"??
"Right on, dude!"??
"Fuck the Republicrats!"??
"Vote for the spider and the snake!"??
"God bless America. Yes, indeed. I think the same."??
"To a certain extent, that's true.""That's true. I hate everybody."??
"I think they both suck. They're both stupid, Bush and fucking Kerry."??
"They're like mouses on a string. Nobody can think for themselves."?"I agree. Amen."