Found Object - Exhibit A in fraud case

Abraham Kennard, of Wildwood, Ga., was indicted last year on 91 federal counts of fraud, tax evasion and money laundering. He's accused of bilking 1,600 churches in 41 states for about $8.8 million, which he allegedly spent on limos, private jets, 20 luxury cars, four jet skis, and a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Below are excerpts from Kennard's videotaped sales pitch to the churches. The tape has been entered as evidence in Kennard's trial, which began last week in Rome, Ga.

You know, I had a vision. [It's] a vision to build resorts around 50 states just for the ministry's sake. And what happens? When we build the resorts, the ministry goes forth and people are blessed.

We put together $100 million. And out of the $100 million, that's $72 million that's put together to build the resorts. The remaining is $28 million. We take $28 million and divide it among nonprofit organizations and churches, and when we do this, all the things we have to have for this is a tax write off. Very simple, beloved!

I want you to know that we have prepared a special $100,000 package for maybe some of the smaller churches. Maybe you have five members, 10 members.

We'll give you $100,000 for your project, which means if you are a small church - you are a pastor, maybe you have your wife or maybe a secretary - you will have income for two years' period of time to help you get things started. Isn't that wonderful?