Found Object February 10 2005

To serve and suffer

Anecdotes from the "Shitty Tipper Database" on bitterwaitress.com, a website where servers complain about customers:

Tipper: Usher Raymond (yes, it's Usher) Restaurant: Brio Tuscan Grill Total bill: $32.58; Tip: $3.42 "Usher is a regular at this spot, and comes in usually with his press agent. He always eats his 'usual' and expects to be treated like a 'superstar,' as he told me on his first visit. This kid is nothing more than an arrogant, spoiled snot that I wish would go away. Little does he know that none of us want to wait on him since he and Chili broke up. She was the BOMB tipper." Tipper: Carmen Electra Restaurant: Karma (now The Mark)Total bill: $37; Tip: $0.01 "She ordered a sex on the beach (what a dumb drink) and sent it back 3 times saying it wasn't good. Then she says she wants it as a shot. [S]he never talked directly to me. Her bodyguard told me. 'Ms. Electra wants another one ... .' He then told me to make sure that nobody else's drinks in her 'entourage' were put on her tab because she's not rich. New Rule - in order to be famous, you have to DO SOMETHING and tip well!"