Found Object - Life goals

What to do before you die

The website www.43things.com lists the 692,836 things that 619,213 people in 9,394 cities hope to accomplish in life. The site lumps popular goals by city, and Atlanta, with 748 contributing goal-seekers, is one of the site's most active participants. Below are some of the telltale things that people in Atlanta, as well as in other cities, want to do:


"Save Delta airlines"

"Write and direct a short film worth watching"

"Talk less about other people"

"Try 8-minute dating"

"Ride my bike again"

New York:

"Find a therapist who meets my needs"


"Survive an al-Qaeda attack right by my home"


"Use 'Krumholtz formation,' 'Doppler effect,' or 'Stockholm syndrome' in normal conversation everyday"


"Help overthrow the corporate coffee hegemony"

San Diego:

"Be bought by Google or Yahoo or Microsoft"


"Work on my mixes"

Portland, Ore.:

"Live in Portland forever"

Los Angeles:

"Get the hell out of Los Angeles"