Dish, Dirt and Drivel - BOYS, bandS, b-tv In response to the e-mails that flooded my inbox Friday asking me to reveal my identity, I'm a firm believer that if you're going to dish it, you'd better be ready to eat it, too. So go on, e-mail me back; I promise I'll tell you all ab

BAR TALK: 9 Lives Saloon, the Little Five Points live music venue that closed last fall, is slated to open as the Little Five Points Corner Tavern sometime in the next two weeks. The tavern's four partners, Tony Olivas (owner of Sacred Heart Tattoo Studio), Rob Thompson, Mike Rabb and Jayson DaLuz plan to offer a higher-end establishment, complete with pool tables - but with no live music.

BAND TALK: Black Box Rehearsal Studio, a long-standing practice space for scores of local musicians, is not, as rumor had it, closing. But it will move from its Krog Street space to a yet-to-be-determined location, according to manager Bonnie Johnson. The old building will become part of the Stove Works compound, which includes the wildly popular Rathbun's restaurant.

BOY BAND TALK: Just when you hoped, wished and prayed boy bands would just go away, we have B5, a recent addition to P. Diddy's Bad Boy Entertainment label. B5 is made up of the five Breeding brothers, ages 10 to 16, hailing from right here in the ATL. Predictably, the group has been compared to the Jackson Five. B5's first album is scheduled to drop this spring.

BAD TV TALK: As if Atlanta hasn't already OD'd on hometown reality TV show stars (Diane DeGarmo, anyone?), Atlantan Abby Smith shows up in the latest season of "The Bachelorette." On the show, Abby helps her close friend, "Bachelorette" star Jen Schefft, weed out the trash from the treasures. ... Also, Dirty South rapper Da Brat has joined the ranks of has-been personalities on the newest season of "The Surreal Life." The VH1 series is worth watching - if only for the inclusion of Mini Me (Verne Troyer), of Austin Powers fame.

If you have any tantalizing tidbits about anyone or anything worth knowing about, send them my way. Really, I won't tell a soul.