Record Review - Jeff Buckley: Grace Around the World

In the 15 years since the late Jeff Buckley first released his amazing Grace album to massive critical acclaim, his reputation has soared to heights he never achieved while alive. The son of legendary folk singer Tim Buckley, who also met with a premature death, Jeff was an archetype for the introspective yet edgy rocker, whose songs were a blend of multiple influences including punk, world, and even folk music. In both remembrance and celebration of the anniversary, Sony Legacy has released a heavily loaded CD/DVD package of previously unavailable videos and tracks from Buckley’s numerous American and European live performances. Each track encapsulates Buckley’s intense artistry and captivating charisma, which departed too soon in a 1997 accidental drowning. A deluxe package also includes a rarely seen hour-long documentary about the enigmatic artist. Buckley may have died young, but in the digital age, he lives forever. (Sony Legacy) 5 stars out of 5