Record Review - Sean Costello: Sean’s Blues

This isn’t the career overview the late Atlanta blues guitarist deserves, and might still get in the future. It is, however, a terrific recap of Sean Costello’s earliest years, from his 1996 debut at the age of 16 until 2002. That makes it of particular interest to those in the Atlanta blues community who followed him during these years as he was finding his voice, style and stage presence while holding court at Northside Tavern and other local clubs. More than half of the 20 tracks are previously unreleased and every one is a worthy addition to Costello’s existing catalog. Label owner Michael Rothchild’s informative liner notes are tinged with bittersweet memories of the personal and professional relationship he and Costello shared. But it’s the music included here that backs up his claim that the guitarist was one of the country’s finest, most talented and committed contemporary bluesmen. (Landslide) 4 stars out of 5