Record Review - Rosanne Cash: The List

Some of the gifts we receive from our parents are intangible, and when Johnny Cash gave his daughter Rosanne the list in 1973, he gave her much more than just the names of 100 country songs he felt she needed to know. In essence, Johnny was shaping his daughter’s musical vision and creating a strong foundation for what became a highly successful and acclaimed career. Thirty-eight years later, she finally acknowledges his gift. On The List, Cash and her husband, John Leventhal, deliver a dozen of these songs — a broad but representative sample of the finest in country music. Her voice has never sounded better, while Leventhal’s amazing guitar work and production give each song a golden polish. And with guests such as Bruce Springsteen (“Sea of Heartbreak”) and Elvis Costello (“Heartaches by the Number”), each song stands as a classic. Some gifts truly last forever. (Manhattan Records) 5 stars out of 5