Record Review - Doom: Unexpected Guests

With another Madvillainy CD in the works and MF Doom’s collaboration with Ghostface in the final stages (according to Nature Sounds owner Devin Horwitz), Doom fans might feel less than fulfilled by his new collection Unexpected Guests. It contains rarities, vinyl-only singles and remixes but not a single new song, after all, and some of these tracks — such as “Da Supafriendz” with Vast Aire — have probably been heard on a half-dozen other albums. Still, like pizza, sex and Coen brothers’ movies, even when a Doom album is bad, it’s good. Thus, the largely rehashed Unexpected Guests is still a winner. “Fly That Not” with Talib Kweli, for example, is as hot as the first 50 times you heard it. Throughout, Doom’s gags, double entendres and stream of consciousness rhymes satisfy without ever being, uh, unexpected. (Gold Dust) 3 stars out of 5