Record Review - Pelican: What We All Come to Need

Southern Lord

It is the plight of the instrumental metal album to collapse under its own epic weight. The design flaws inherent in placing an emphasis on heavy background without giving much thought to the foreground is a killer. But Pelican’s What We All Come to Need sidesteps these pitfalls by drawing-out riffs, rhythms and ambiance with loose momentum and meta-power. “Glimmer” sets the stage as it undulates with grace over varying terrain before the big, pulsating guitar grind of “The Creeper” unwinds in a slow, melodic cycle. “Ephemeral” skulks like a monster with its heavy but never showy arrangements, encapsulating the album’s strength. These songs rely on melody and pop structure that creates gorgeous tension through repetition, while underscoring the power of restraint. 3 out of 5 stars.