Record Review - Street Boners by Gavin McInnes

Grand Central Publishing

Gavin McInnes co-founded snarky cultural zine-cum-magazine Vice and authored a section called "DOs & DON'Ts," which dispenses ruthless fashion critiques to photos of random city dwellers. He left the magazine in 2008 to start a site called Street Carnage, and in his new book Street Boners, he's still mocking the duds of hipsters and indie rockers, now on a scale of zero to 10 kittens. Though guys in sandals and fedoras can expect zero kittens, and hot chicks get 10 no matter what they're wearing, the book is usually funny and often insightful. It also features guest commentary from folks such as Debbie Harry and Andrew W.K., a history of "cool" (invented by nerds mocking Italians imitating '50s greasers, he writes), and fashion tips. Men are advised not to wear long shorts, for example, which McInnes claims are reactionary and homophobic. "Stop screaming to the world how gay you aren't," he writes. "It's gay." 4 out of 5 stars.