Summer Guide - What's the best thing about summer in Atlanta?

We asked, you answered

Barry Lee, visual artist

“For me the best thing about Atlanta during the summer is enjoying the various outdoor spaces to eat and drink on a warm day or night with good company. Whether it be drinking iced coffee and having breakfast outside Octane Westside, hanging out in the tucked away outdoor area in the back of the Bookhouse Pub having tiki drinks, eating dinner in the front of Brick Store Pub on some barrel tables, having pizza on the roof of Cameli’s, or eating in the back of Thinking Man in Decatur — there are many places you can enjoy by yourself or with friends outside if you can bear the summer temps.” — As told to Beca Grimm


Zaida Jones-Sanchez, Features Editor at Wussy Mag

“Fashion. Atlantans are notorious for shut-in hysteria during times of rain or cold, but in the summertime the city births some of the finest Southern bodies that certainly anyone from Nashville or Charlotte has ever seen. Our parks become lined with sinew, yoga butts, and fried chicken-fed thighs, perfectly complimenting the finely manicured deciduous flora of the city’s green spaces. The opportunity to appraise the figures of these strangers is a result of necessity: to completely cover yourself in the Atlanta heat is to invite the Devil himself to bathe with you, because it’s just too. damn. hot. We keep this in mind when dressing. Our skin often lays bare under the sun, while the silhouettes we choose are sleek. It’s a beautiful thing to see the city’s melanin levels peak, as black gets blacker, and alabaster turns to olive, all while dressing better than the rest of them, of course. Is it all thrifted? Likely. Still, our reputation for ‘dressing’ is renowned across the nation: delicate fabrics that give room to breathe, and figure-hugging pieces that show curves for the hell of it define this town. Remember this for when you travel and fall in love with another city: Chiffon make no sense in Seattle.” — As told to Meagan Mastriani


@chirokath on Instagram says:
“Patios, Peachtree Road Race, air conditioning, champagne slushies, and thunderstorms.”


Quentin Dupree, Photographer

“The best thing about summer in ATL would have to be the festivals. As a photographer that’s pretty much all my summers are filled with. Atlantans get to enjoy music festivals like Shaky Knees, food festivals like Attack of the Killer Tomato, and beer festivals like the Atlanta Summer Beer Fest. This city has a lot of fun to offer in summer months but these events take advantage of the great weather. Festivals are also the biggest stress relievers we have in Atlanta. Car giving you problems? Well then go to a food truck. Don’t like the Falcons’ draft pick? Well then go get a draft beer.” — As told to Rodney Carmichael


@_twxn_ on Twitter says:
“The festivals & free day parties. Especially the @AllVinylATL parties.”


Katherine Kimbrell, co-owner of Tex’s Tacos food truck

“After our food truck duties are done, my fiancé and I like to head to the Beltline to rollerblade, bike, walk, you name it. The best part is going on a weekday, when barely anyone is there. I live in Cabbagetown and when summer rolls in, literally everyone is outside hanging out, eating, you name it. I love going to [http://clatl.com/atlanta/Location?oid=4965415&guide=city|Little’s Food Store] for just about anything and everything, Cabbage Pie, Mi Barrio, etc. Another great thing about summer in ATL? Going to the Chattahoochee River. Whether we go hiking or just bring along our hammocks to chill, I love being able to get outside and away from the food truck frenzy, even if it is only for a couple of hours.” — As told to Stephanie Dazey


Saira Raza, cellist and composer

“I moved from New York to Atlanta for the heat! So summertime is about being outside as much as possible. Eating as many meals as possible outdoors, visiting friends with porches, backyard BBQs, festivals, evening shows. Socializing feels easier. Everything feels easier. One thing I really look forward to during the season is House in the Park. All the best house DJs in Atlanta keep the energy high all day, people set up camp and take turns relaxing and dancing. We also head down to the Starlight Drive-In a lot during the summer and take in movies tailgate style.” — As told to Chad Radford


B Carzo Carzo on Facebook says:
“the water spouts at Centennial. One of the only free ways to cool off on a hot day.”


Dayle Bennett, Creative Director at the Center for Civic Innovation

“The best thing about Atlanta during the summer is going to weekend brunch pretty much any place around town. I also love the early morning sun when commuting to work during the week. One of my favorite things is hanging out at Fellini’s for late-night pizza or on the roof of Six Feet Under with my friends.

I always start my summer with the Jazz Festival and end it with House in the Park. Last but not least, the best thing about Atlanta during the summer is cheering on family and friends running the Peachtree Road Race, then cooking out for the Fourth of July, then watching fireworks! It’s an Atlanta tradition I always look forward to.” — As told to Debbie Michaud