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Even on the bar pong circuit, you'll find players who are very serious about their paddles. In fact, it's probably no coincidence that the players who win the most local tournaments have the best paddles. In fact, some of the top players at the Albert build their own paddles using wood, rubber, glue, etc., that they purchase online.

If you're tired of using the bar's crappy paddle, first of all, congratulations. This is a big step in your ping-pong journey, young Padawan. But there are a lot of choices. Wooden blades? Illegal sandpaper? Flat, pips-out rubber? Padded, pips-in rubber? What's your game style, yo?

Stiga Reflex Table Tennis Paddle, $15
It promises "Recreational quality for family play!" Or, um, bar play.

Killerspin Jet 400 Racket, $45
Just don't kill anybody with it.

Stiga Supreme Table Tennis Racket, $50
It's "supreme." Enough said.

Butterfly SCS-5000, $230
This paddle is $230. Why are you looking at this paddle?

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