Food - 8 new Atlanta breweries

The essentials on the latest additions to the local craft-beer scene


Tom Stahl, brewer

Name origin: Stahl: “We were trying to decide what to name ourselves and just happened to be under a blue tarp because it was supposed to rain. It never did rain, but BlueTarp was the only name suggested, and we’ve been BlueTarp ever since.”

Location: Decatur

Investment status: fully funded, beers in market, currently building out tasting room

Size: 3,000-quare-foot brewery, 5-7 bbl brewing system, 3,000-square-foot tasting room

Rollout beers: BantamWeight Irish Red Ale, Mother Hoppin’ Double IPA

Other beers: Imperial Stout coming in a month or two.

Beer-to-market ETA: Since Dec. 27




Josh Rachel, brewer

Name origin: Named after the Georgia island where the first Southern brewery was located.

Location: Alpharetta

Investment status: Equipment arrives at the end of February, brewing to begin in April. Kickstarter campaign will raise money for the build out and legal expenses.

Size: 5,000-square-foot brewery, 5 bbl brewing system

Rollout beers: Kolsch, India Pale Ale

Other beers: American and German style

Beer-to-market ETA: mid-to-late-May



Three Taverns

Brian Purcell, CEO and brewer

Name origin: Three Taverns was an actual place outside of Rome 2,000 years ago along the Appian Way.

Location: Decatur

Investment status: fully funded, currently building out

Size: 8,500-square-foot brewery, 30 bbl brewing system

Rollout beers: A Night in Brussels Belgian IPA, Single Intent Belgian-style Single Ale

Other beers: Quasimodo Belgian quadrupel seasonal, TBA bottle-fermented seasonal selections

Beer-to-market ETA: late May or early June




Geoffrey Williams, brewer

Name origin: Williams: “It means ‘evening,’ but what it came to mean for us was a relaxing point in the day when you can take a second to reflect and enjoy that moment.”

Location: Grant Park

Investment status: fully funded, about to sign lease and start building out

Size: Est. 3,000-square-foot brewery, 5 bbl brewing system

Rollout beers: Kolsch, American Pale Ale, Stout

Other beers: Seasonals and special releases

Beer-to-market ETA: July



Creature Comforts

David Stein, co-brewer/co-owner

Name origin: Stein’s friend, Julian Bozeman, an artist who makes wood carvings of creatures, came up with it.

Location: Athens

Investment status: fully funded, currently building out

Size: 12,000-square-foot brewery, 30 bbl brewing system

Rollout beers: Pilsner, Berliner weisse, IPA, fourth beer TBA

Other beers: A sour-beer program; beers aged in spirit barrels

Beer-to-market ETA: August




Jason Pellett, brewer

Name origin: The brewery takes its name from the mythical Greek musician and poet, know for his songs that protected the Argonauts from the Sirens, soothed beasts, and moved inanimate objects, among other things.

Location: TBA, but the goal is to be situated near or along the Beltline.

Investment status: about 50 percent

Size: TBA, 30 bbl brewing system

Rollout beers: Siren Plum Saison, Global Belgian Pale Ale

Other beers: a series of seasonal IPAs; a lower-alcohol Belgian stout; a black ale

Beer-to-market ETA: July




Nick Downs, brewer

Name origin: Inspired by Martin Luther, iconic figure of the Protestant Reformation.

Location: Cherokee County

Investment status: Initial round of funding completed

Size: TBA, 15 bbl brewing system

Rollout beers: Belgian Dubbel, Belgian Pale Ale

Beer-to-market ETA: late 2013



Second Self

Chris Doyle, brewer; Jason Santamaria, marketing, recipes/flavor profiles

Name origin: Santamaria: “It’s been our job, our second life, for a while. It’s what we want to do.”

Location: TBA, looking at Midtown and Chamblee

Investment status: just more than 50 percent

Size: 10,000-square-foot brewery, 30 bbl brewing system

Rollout beers: Semi-Imperial Red Rye, Spiced Wheat

Other beers: Stouts, Porters as semi-annuals, Saison, IPAs for every season

Beer-to-market ETA: late 2013


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