Hollywood Product: The Joneses

Even if you can keep up with them, you won't want to after seeing this film

GENRE: Dark anti-consumerism drama

THE PITCH: When Steve (David Duchovny), Kate (Demi Moore), Jenn (Amber Heard) and Mick (Ben Hollingsworth) Jones move into a posh suburban neighborhood they immediately turn heads. This do-no-wrong family pimps the latest gadgets, the hottest clothes and the nicest rides. Now everybody wants to be like the Joneses, no matter the cost. What the community doesn't know is the Joneses are a fabricated family made up of stealth marketers whose only goal is to peddle products to their unsuspecting neighbors.

MONEY SHOTS: A sexually frustrated Jenn decides to seduce her make-believe dad, Steve, by climbing into bed with him one night. Expect several intense moments in The Joneses, but to give them up here would be spoilers.

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(Photo by Gene Page)