Kervins C’s industry rules

I dO Music founder plays matchmaker among Atlanta’s independent musicians

In a city where everybody seems to be chasing a career in music, I dO Music offers a common-sense solution. The brainchild of PatchWerk Recording Studio’s marketing manager Kervins Chauvet, I dO Music is all about self-empowerment.

“You wouldn’t believe the amount of calls we get to the studio every day,” Chauvet says of the hungry musical wannabees who want career advice. Rather than advise them to go the traditional route (send a demo, etc.), Chauvet gives them practical advice. “We believe in empowering the musician and making them understand that it’s just not up to us. At the end of the day, you’re the source of power to make it happen.”

To assist in the process, IdM puts on monthly events that attract musicians, writers, producers, managers and engineers. “The meat of it is a networking event,” Chauvet says. He tells unsigned talent to use the people around them. IdM’s monthly gatherings feature a panel of industry players, such as Disturbing Tha Peace label co-founder Chaka Zulu. Chauvet also uses spotlight interviews to give up-and-comers a moment of live air-time at the events while playing their music.

Chauvet’s tough-love vision is an unusual one for a studio marketing guy, but it’s a savvy way to attract new clients while giving back to the community. “We do understand the importance of teaching the younger generation of musicians the right way to do it,” he says. “On our blog,, we don’t post any gossip, any irrelevant news — only practical info, tips, and advice our readers can use right away.”

His goal is to make the monthly gatherings a spot where musicians can meet their ideal mate in the industry: “If I wanted to find someone like you and I knew you did music, and I couldn’t find you at any club but I know you’re gonna be at I dO Music, I’m just gonna wait till then,” Chauvet says. “That’s my vision.”