Atlanta blogs today: Praise-a-thon April 12 2007

During the debate on the bill, Sen. Nan Orrock (D - Atlanta) said that the legislature was becoming a "regular mill that churns out bills to limit choice." Sen. Orrock also said that there is an "effort across the country to put barriers in the way" of abortions being performed, and while she wanted to reduce the rate of abortions, she felt that "there is a better way" to do it.

— Andre at Georgia Politics Unfiltered, on state legislation that will require facilities or physicians carrying out abortions to offer patients ultrasound imaging of the fetus

but my real question is who in the world can feel good enough about marta to want to memorialize it on their body?

— James at Metroblogging Atlanta, on the MARTA rail map someone had tattooed on their hip by Liberty Tattoo. The post includes a photo of the tattoo.

So as usual, who better to trick people into giving TBN money, than a master at the game?

Independent Conservative on Lithonia's New Birth Missionary Baptist Church Bishop Eddie Long's appearance on TBN's Spring Praise-a-thon 2007 fundraiser.

Here's a clip:

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