Atlanta blogs today: People talking their language June 29 2007

I would say that 80 to 90 percent of the people here in North Georgia are against any sort of bill to help these people. I am certainly out of the mainstream here. I find no fault in these people, and wonder how my "Christian" neighbors can carry such bitterness in their hearts.

— Aging Hipster on a Washington Post story about how Gainesville and Hall County have dealt with the area's growing Latino population. The article's most painful quotation: "And they don't seem to feel any discomfort when they're, like, six inches from your face and talking to each other in their language, either."


an anonymous editor monday around midnight reported the death of chris benoit's wife on the the wikipedia more than 14 hours before the bodies were found.

adding to the confusion, the post came from stamford, ct, which is home to the headquarters of benoit's employer, the wwe.

— James at Metroblogging Atlanta is a little freaked out that a Wikipedia contributor wrote about the death of WWE wrestler Chris Benoit's wife 14 hours before her body was found by police. I'm freaked out by Wikipedia because I still don't have an entry.


It's always a special pleasure to stumble onto great artists from the past whose reputations have faded from cultural memory, but whose work remains to let us know that they, like us, were moved by sexual beauty.

— It's Friday. That means Gloria Brame is posting erotic art.