Atlanta blogs today: Love, dating and balls August 07 2007

If there are black girls out there dating white guys, I say more power to them. I honestly think there is some legitimacy to the theory that black folks are "sick of each other.

— Andre at Georgia Politics Unfiltered, on a CNN.com story about black women dating white men


While I am capable of seducing women easily, I only do so rarely

— Starboard Tack at Living and Dating in Atlanta. You and me both, brother. You and me both.

Also worth reading is his recent post about the benefits of dumping a woman just after you've had sex with her.


I have to say, that it really doesn’t bother me that I have to pay for services, but when it comes to Comcast, you get the absolute lowest of the low service, and frankly, I fucking tired of this company having me by the balls.

— Duane Moody's groin is the target of at least two conspiracies. First his foreskin goes missing, now Comcast has his testicles.