Atlanta blogs today: Under the bus August 09 2007

That’s gotta hurt. ...

— Erick at Peach Pundit on Atlanta City Councilman H. Lamar Willis getting thrown under the bus by his own public relations agent.

Last month the AJC reported that Willis falsely claimed his H. Lamar Willis Foundation was a nonprofit. In a written statement, Willis' PR agent said he thinks Willis lied to him about the facts of the case.


I'm not sympathetic to the Doraville City Council at this point but if you step back to view the bigger picture, one has to wonder just how small towns throughout the land are coping with losing vital citizens for months on end.

— GriftDrift goes all big-picture on us in comments on Doraville's middle-of-the-night firing of its police chief, John King. The chief was apparently fired, in part, because he was serving in Iraq for 18 months. He has since been rehired.

Read some of the AJC's story about the case and you see the name of Doraville City Councilman Tom Hart. You may recall that Hart was ordered by Mayor Ray Jenkins not to speak to the city's comptroller after he allegedly said some nasty stuff to her.


If they're so awesome, then they might be hitting a venue that isn't Swayze's when they make it to Atlanta. Oh yeah, and they wouldn't suck. And on top of that, I wouldn't be using their CD as a coaster to help me drown my sorrows.

— Leah at Confessions of a Music Addict apparently has mixed feelings about the song "Because I'm Awesome" by the Dollyrots.