Atlanta blogs today: What Is Goin' On? November 07 2007

The sad truth is that there probably is no solution that can be put into effect in time to solve the problem unless the rain returns and soon.

— Wilson R. Smith on What Is Goin' On? summarizes his radio interview with James "GriftDrift" Williams.

Smith isn't on the radio in Atlanta, but, fortunately, he podcasts.


I’m also curious about where the people who voted for Tom Hart will go — will they vote in the run-off election at all, or will they swing their votes one direction or another?

Joseph G at Dora-Blog mulls the results of yesterday's election.

Among the losers yesterday was Tom Hart, who was featured in last year's Atlanta's 11 Least Influential People issue.


Lillian reports that The Pipettes are playing a free in-store show at Criminal Records this Friday at 7PM. Woo!

— Rich at Cable & Tweed makes me very happy.