Word: Shocking

According to an April 29 WSB-TV Action News story, “hundreds of young Atlanta women” are soliciting donations to pay for breast implants on the web site myfreeimplants.com.

“Just about everyone we showed it to called it shocking.”

-WSB-TV anchor Jovita Moore, introducing the story. Categorized as a “Health” story on the station’s web site, it includes dozens of photos of young women showing off their breasts.

“If you want to look at my boobs, put money in my account.”

-Meg Kelso, a 49-year-old registered nurse in metro Atlanta interviewed about her myfreeimplants.com account.

“The ladies never get to touch the money. We pay the doctors office directly once she reaches her goal. By doing it this way we can protect your investment!”

-The answer to the question “How can I be sure the money will be spent on implants?” on myfreeimplants.com’s Help page.