Atlanta blogs today July 17 2008

— There’s still election fall-out on the blogosphere. Atlanta Public Affairs gives their take on Tuesday’s winners and losers. And GriftDrift recounts the scene as Democrats gathered at Manuel’s Tavern on election night.

— But Random Atlanta makes one of the best points. All those candidates got out and littered the city with yard signs; how ‘bout going back out and taking them all down?

— Over at My Urban Report, gives his take on Jesse Jackson’s use of the N-word, and how Jackson told him a few months ago that he wants to ban the word. Guess since it’s not banned yet, Jesse still felt free to use it.

— Even as transplanted New Yorkers were dissing Atlanta and whining about the lack of pizza and bagels here, the intrepid Duane Moody was on vacation in the Big Apple and ... got engaged at the top of the Rockefeller Center.

— So Maryk was fast asleep when he she was awakened by what she he thought was an owl on his her front porch. But no, wait, it wasn’t an owl. It was “some old Allman-Brothers-looking bum” smoking a cigarette on his her front porch. The bum had even lit all the candles on the porch. The full account is on Moisten Manapkin.

— For everyone who’s ever lost a pet, Dusty pays a sweet tribute to a cat named Queasy on Pork Tornado.