Atlanta blogs today July 18 2008

— Is the clock ticking on Glenn Richardson's reign as House Speaker? Jason Pye says some key Republican legislators have come out publicly in support of a challenge by state Rep. David Ralston, R-Blue Ridge.

— What's life without DriftGrift's "Morning Wooten?"

Reporter-Cub recounts a jarring election day conversation he had with a tech at his doctor's office. Seems the tech, who is white, couldn't believe that Cub actually voted for Obama.

— Over at Paw Paw Bill, William Cotter has a troubling essay on the irony of a Vietnam resort hosting the Miss Universe beauty pageant.

The Wren's Next posts some of its fan mail from the wee ones, and they sure are charming.

— And speaking of kids, what's on Maigh's mind today is the loss of manners and how so many parents use television and computer games, essentially, as babysitters. "No one likes a Goop, and with Grover as my witness, we’re raising a whole generation of ‘em," she says.

— Which leads nicely into the final item. ATLMalcontent shares an email from a grammar-challenged delegate who attended the National Education Association convention. Let's hope he/she isn't an English teacher.