Word: 'Word processing error'

It was reported last week that outgoing Grady CEO Pamela Stephenson does not have all of the university degrees she apparently claims.

“Ms. Stephenson earned her PH.D at the University of Michigan … and a Law degree, also at the University of Michigan.”

-From a July 9 hospital press release titled “Pamela Stephenson is Good for Grady.”

“In a statement Friday, she apologized and blamed a "word processing error" for a hospital news release last week that claimed she had a doctor of philosophy and a law degree from the University of Michigan. She does not.”

-From a July 19 AJC story about Stephenson’s resumé.

“Memo To Grady Board: When Rep Stephenson shows up to claim her 2 year, $1.2 Million paycheck, laugh and tell her, “Oh yeah, that. Well, that was just a word processing error.”

-Blogger Icarus at Peach Pundit on July 18. Stephenson will exit Grady’s top spot on September 1 with a $325,000 severance deal.