Atlanta blogs today August 04 2008

— A somewhat sobering post at Atlanta Water Shortage. They chart out Lake Lanier's levels over the last three years. Right now, the lake is down to 1,055 feet above sea level. That's nearly 10 inches feet lower than this time last year, and equal to the level last November.

— At The Daily Whim, Reid Stott says House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's idea to dip into our Strategical Oil Reserve to lower gas prices is foolish and amounts to little more than pandering.

— At the Daily Kos, there's a tantalizing call for Obama to name Max Cleland as his vice-presidential running mate.

Duane Moody's birthday is coming up and to pre-celebrate, he shares five songs he's certain we'll all love.

— It's going to be a long August because Live Apartment Fire is going on a break, although Doug Richards assures his loyal readers that he's pre-packaged some timeless posts that will go up throughout the month. Today, there's rules for a local TV shot game that could have you toasted in minutes. And if you're a Tom Waits fan, you've got to see the press conference clip Richards has posted.

— And speaking of amazing video, A.man.I at My Urban Report went down to Orlando for the World Yo-Yo Contest (who knew?). A true how'd-they-do-THAT? pleasure to watch.