Atlanta blogs today August 06 2008

— Yesterday's run-off primary saw a welcome changing of the guard in Clayton County and the defeat of Vernon Jones in the U.S. Senate race. All of which, writes Prince Tao at Not Your Average Democrat, is cause for serious celebration.

— The election of Burrell Ellis as the new Mr. CEO of DeKalb County has the folks behind the anonymous DeKalb Officers in an optimistic mood. They post an open letter to Davis, urging him to appoint a civilian task force to look into problems at the county police force.

— Despite those victories, it can be a scary thing to be a liberal in a red state, as D-cup relates on Politits. She had an encounter with a co-worker who was shocked that she will vote for Obama because, well, a vote for Obama is a vote for gays and abortion. God help us all.

— The ATLmalcontent notes the irony of a white guy named Toby questioning Obama's blackness.

— Preston Craig treats us to a couple of YouTube videos at KISS Atlanta, which suspiciously looks like a gathering of D-cup's co-workers.

— And, finally, Brian over at The Self-Abasement Tapes explains what can happen when a deity gets angry. How else to explain what's happening to vacuum cleaners in our country?