Most popular damn posts o’ the week September 10 2011

Regrets, executions and booze - but the weather’s nice

The fire-breathing hellgoblin known as summer seems to be retreating. Art is being unveiled along the Atlanta Beltline, Reynoldstown residents are celebrating their ‘hood, and we’re avoiding the 9/11 schmaltz and gravitating toward the better retrospectives. That’s in addition to slamming our fists on keyboards and hoping something wonderful will result. Here are this week’s most popular posts on Fresh Loaf, which honestly can’t stop watching this video.

1. Another Dragon*Con, another set of hilarious CraigsList missed connections about belly dancers and “Transformer guys.” Please, Dragon*Con attendees: Don’t start introducing yourself to strangers at the sci-fi event. These postings are just too wonderful.

2. For the fifth time, Troy Davis has been given an execution date. This time it’s Sept. 21.

3. Dustin Chambers, that’s a very pretty photo.

4. Atlanta, Sunday alcohol sales could be yours. Provided you go vote, of course.

5. Let’s all please ask Georgia Tech to build a time machine, travel back to 1892, and bring us back Atlanta’s old street grid.

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