The Blotter January 15 2009

He's a "drunk white kid and that's what they do."

[image-1]DRUNK and CHATTY: Around midnight, a 28-year-old man was kicked out of a bar on Roswell Road for allegedly trying to fight with the bar owner and employees. Outside the bar, the man reportedly told a police officer, "You're not a cop, you're a fucking pussy," and "You're a fucking coward," and "You're a fat piece of shit." The officer told him to leave. Another man on crutches apologized for his friend (the cursing man) and said they would go to the corner to wait for a taxi. A few minutes later, a taxi pulled up but apparently the cursing man didn't get in. "I heard [him] yell 'motherfucker' and charge at me with both hands clenched in a fist," the reporting officer wrote. The man allegedly collided with the officer and tried to hit him. After a struggle, the officer arrested the man. Meanwhile, his friend — the man on crutches — hobbled up to the officer and asked what he could do to get the officer to drop the charges. Nothing, the officer said. The friend said the officer should just let the man go, because he is a "drunk white kid and that's what they do." The officer wrote, "I am currently unaware of any statute in Georgia Law that permits you to attack a Law Enforcement Officer, or any person for that matter, based on your sobriety or race."

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(Illustration by Tray Butler)

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