Weekend Arts Agenda: ‘Steal This Bike’ February 14 2014

It’s just right there. Take it!


  • Courtesy MINT
  • Left: An outfit Alessandra Hoshor will be wearing for her performance piece. Right: portrait by Austin Power

“Technology today allows an unprecedented kind of user experience. Anyone can be a content creator.” This is how curator Chanel Kim explains Steal This Bike, which opens this weekend at MINT. “The title is directly a reference to copyright - think metaphor for the copy-conservative about illegal downloads,” Kim says, adding that “the bicycle is a vehicle, relying on its hardware to go fast, like those of our techy-gadgets ability to ‘connect.’”

The exhibit mixes traditional pieces, installations, and video. The list of artists includes Michael Hessel-Mial, Alessandra Hoshor, Jared Kelley, Derek Larson, Pastiche Lumumba, Austin Power, and Karen Tauches. Lumumba will be exhibiting an endless scrolling GIF, which is a combination of three words that is perhaps as vital as it is improbable. The opening reception is Saturday from 7-11 p.m.

Below: The rest of your weekend.

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  • Courtesy Stan McCollum Gallery
  • Neil Marshall, “Oh My Stars,” mixed media on board, 48x48 in.

Neil Marshall’s Variation of the Medium II opens with a reception tonight at the Stan McCollum Gallery. “The coexistence of abstract and minimal elements in Marshall’s work invokes the pensive mood of the Modern Masters.” So goes the official description. Better to remember that Marshall’s particular kind of minimalism - which incorporates encaustic, rabbit skin glue, and raw pigments, among others - aims for “tranquility” as much as it does collage. As the artist explains in his artistic statement, “This approach is a culmination of my anthropological studies, extensive travels and keen interest in the global pulse ... My objective is to allow the viewer to feel the intensity of life in the moment.” The reception is from 7-9 p.m.

PSA: I FUCKING L*** YOU is having a pink party at Kibbee Gallery because Valentine’s Day. Lavonia Elberton will perform.



  • Courtesy Beep Beep
  • Bo-Ra Choi, “Geolimdol (The stumbling block),” 2014, mixed media on paper, 40x58 in.

Beep Beep is opening The Brightness, curated by Lucha Rodriguez (“a vision in Bubble Yum pink”) and featuring Rodriguez, Jonny Warren, Bo-ra Choi, and Allen Taylor. The media are mixed; at least one work, the above, involves five small children smushed into two bodies. (Don’t worry: The textures are very nice.) With a reception tonight from 7-10 p.m.


Here is something interesting: Eyedrum will exhibit a collection of “illusory correspondence art” entitled Zalop and curated by local artist Michael Orr - who since 2008 has been “anonymously been sending pieces to creatives around the world using the name ‘Pone.’” There are no media or size or even edibility requirements; the postmark is all. With a reception from 7-10 p.m.