News of the Weird - WTF? September 14 2008

LEAD STORY: The Other "Fight Clubs" Are for Sissies: At the August Dog Brothers "Gathering of the Pack" in Southern California, it was "Anything goes," according to one warrior (looking to fight with "blunted knives"). A Reuters reporter witnessed two men without padding beat each other with heavy sticks and two others fight with electrically charged knives. The latter duel ended when, during a wrestling hold, one slipped a hand free and planted a 1,000-volt surge. The action seems exhilarating. Said one, "I've never felt better than when I'm doing this." Another: "Honestly, I wish I could find a church with the same spirit of support and love as I feel here." Said "Crafty Dog" Denny, it's "higher consciousness through harder contact."

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