True Blood' season 3 finale

What is it we want from a "True Blood" season finale?


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What is it we want from a "True Blood" season finale?

Certainly not to be told a bunch of things we already know, which was kind of the case with last night's season three wrap-up entitled — case in point — "Evil is going on." Oh, really? Well, now that that's been settled... . The episode even seemed to be poking fun at much of the season's utter obviousness, like when Sookie said to Bill, "You betrayed me ... again!" "I only pretended to betray you to save you ... again!" Or Sookie's pathological rescinding and un-rescinding of her invitations to vampires into her home. I remember now why relationships in junior high were so exhausting.

We did, however, get a little death, a little drama, and some minor revelations that further muddied Bon Temps' already questionable water about who can and cannot be trusted.