Bored to Death Season 2 premiere: S&M and Orangina

A mounted police officer needs Jonathan to break into an S&M dungeon before police raid it


  • Courtesy HBO

The Job: A mounted police officer (he rides a horse named Doris) needs Jonathan to break into an S&M dungeon before the police raid it to destroy a hard drive that would show he’s regular customer. “I have to do it once a month or so, it’s like I’m ovulating. Don’t get me wrong, I love it but it also suffocates me,” says the cop.

Jonathan: Looks like the time since last season hasn’t been good for Jonathan. His second novel has been rejected, Edition is making deep cuts that probably include his work, and he’s taken up teaching a depressing night class for writers. Stella’s still with him, but he says, “If I didn’t have you, I wouldn’t have anything.”

Book Talk: “Even I’m not reading anymore. I got a Kindle but I dropped in the tub,” says George.

Ray: Things might be even worse for Ray. Leah tries to make things work by taking Ray to a yoga class, but she has to tell him that he isn’t happy and has to break up. “But nobody is happy! My parents have been together for forty years and they haven’t been happy for a second,” he argues. It doesn’t work.